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Holistic Companion Services 



My  qualifications, experience and passion:



I was born and raised in Sweden where I developed an interest in health and healing practices at an early age.


I achieved my MD degree at the Karolinska Institute for Medicine and Surgery in Stockholm, where I practiced as a physician in General Practice and Environmental Medicine for 20 years before moving to the US. 


In this country I have worked as a mind-body therapist and Holistic Health coach/educator for the last 20+ years. I am a Certified Counselor and Rubenfeld Synergist (mind-body therapist). For the past 5 years, in addition to my therapy practice, I have provided companionship for seniors and others in need of a supportive, caring and inspiring presence. 


In my retired years it's my goal and my passion to make a difference in people's lives by being an inspiring and supportive companion for adults as they age or recover from surgery or trauma.


Since I'm fluent in Swedish as well as English I'm able to connect with people of Scandinavian heritage through their music and culture from the past.


I have found that my background as a physician, counselor, caregiver and mother makes me well suited to support my clients’ emotional and physical wellbeing. My listening skills, sense of humor, compassionate heart, and broad cultural interests help me develop rapport and make a great companionship possible.


References are available on request


             The web site for my counseling practice is:

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