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Holistic Companion Services 


Here's feedback from some of the families I have had the honor and joy to work with:


How lucky we were when Karin Granstrom came into our lives. My mother was 96 and living in an assisted living facility but needed additional help. Enter Karin – always caring, skillful and responsible. My Mom was sort of picky, she wanted loving care but she hated being fussed over. Karin was the perfect combo of friendly quiet competence. She helped my mom with her correspondence, sang lullabies to help her get peacefully to sleep. She always seemed to know just what to do to help my mom feel cared for and safe but still an autonomous adult. Loving, skillful, and quietly upbeat. Really wonderful. A.Z 2012


I have found Karin Granstrom to be not

only reliable and capable, but incredibly kind, patient, and thoughtful in rendering her services. When I was recovering from a car accident, she cooked for me, ran errands, drove me to doctor's appointments, and did many other tasks as needed. She is now regularly visiting my elderly mother-in-law, assisting her with light exercises and caring companionship. To my mother-in-law’s delight this includes singing old songs together. Under her gentle exterior Karin is a keenly insightful, intelligent woman. I trust her with my own family, and I recommend her highly. R.H.2014



Thank you Karin for your kind, gentle help with our mother, both at her home and then in an assisted living facility. You were such a good support for her when her children couldn’t be there, helping with daily living chores, physical therapy exercises, companionship, and the occasional “escape” from the assisted living facility. It was very reassuring for us to know that you’d alert us to any issues, and provide the loving care that our most excellent mother deserved. E.T. 2013



I would like to thank you from the bottom of heart

for helping and supporting me during the tough times after my surgery  The help and guidance you provided regarding good nutrition and supplementation  has been invaluable.  I have stayed true to form and have enjoyed consuming and eating good healthy food since then.  K.P.D. 2014

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