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Holistic Companion Services 



If you would like the peace of mind to know that your loved one is in good hands, having stimulating, comforting, and enjoyable experiences on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.....


............. contact me for a free  consultation to find out if and how I can best meet your needs.

As we all know there are challenges related to getting older that easily  can lead to loneliness, anxiety and depression in the aging person. 


It is usually also a big challenge for family members in the form of stress and guilt feelings, because their busy lives and careers make regular visits and frequent in-person care next to impossible. 


It can be very painful to see the loved ones' quality of life diminish and not having the time or energy to support them. A caring companion for a few hours a week can be a big relief.




  • Quality time for your loved one


  • Peace of mind when your own time is stretched


  • Reduced stress and guilt feelings


  • Another set of eyes to watch over your loved one


  • Another advocate for your loved one’s well-being


  • Regular updates to the family


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